ATM & MasterCard Check Cards

When you have an ATM or Visa check card, you have a key to your account 24 hours a day. You can use these cards to get cash and check balances at ATMs all over the world, including over 55,000 that are surcharge free.

ATM Cards

An ATM card is ideal for you if you don’t have a checking account with the credit union or you don’t wish to use that account to make purchases. Your ATM card will be linked to your regular share account. You can use it to buy items and get cash back at merchants such as gas stations and grocery stores. We’ll give you a personal identification number after you request your card.

MasterCard Check Cards

The MasterCard check card gives you purchasing freedom across the U.S., internationally and on the Internet. You can use it to buy items anywhere MasterCard is accepted — with the funds coming out of your checking account instead of potentially accruing interest. You can use this card for “credit” transactions, swiping your card and signing your name, or you can use it for “debit” transactions, just like you would an ATM card. You must have a checking account to get this card. If you don’t yet, open a checking account today.
You can protect your MasterCard check card from unauthorized online use by registering it with MasterCard SecureCode — a free service that lets you link a password to your card number. If a thief doesn’t know your password, he or she can’t use it to make a purchase on any site that participates in the program. It gives you a little extra peace of mind.

Surcharge-Free ATM Locations

Of course, you can always get cash surcharge free at one of our offices, but when you're out of town or just in another part of town, you can take advantage of one of the thousands of ATMs on theAllpoint network instead. Through our partnership with Allpoint, you can enjoy free ATM access in all 50 states. Just look for the Allpoint logo on the ATM, or use the search tool below to find a network ATM near you.