Home Equity

If you own your home and have been paying on your mortgage steadily, you’ve got some equity that you can put to use. Borrow for college tuition, wedding expenses, home improvements, a new car, and more at one of our most competitive rates. You can use up to 80% of your equity, which is your home’s appraised value minus your mortgage balance.

A Delaware First FCU home equity loan has:

  • Fixed or variable rate options
  • A .5% discount for repaying automatically or via payroll deduction
  • Flexible terms
  • Potentially tax deductible interest (ask your tax advisor for details.)
If you choose the fixed rate option, you can take advantage of a one-time loan with the same payment amount each month. If, instead, you opt for the variable rate line of credit, you can draw on your loan for up to 10 years, just like you would a credit card.
There is no prepayment penalty if you wish to pay your loan off early. You can pay more than your scheduled monthly payment or even the entire balance if you wish — any time you like.


Home Advantage Card

Manage your Home Advantage account online

There’s no need to use inconvenient checks to access your variable rate loan. Instead, we'll give you a free Home Advantage Card. Your Home Advantage Card works everywhere Visa cards are accepted. Unlike our traditional Visa cards, this one draws on your home equity line of credit — so its rate could be even better.
Like any Visa card, you can protect your Home Advantage Card from unauthorized online use by registering it with Verified by Visa — a free service that lets you link a password to your card number. If a thief doesn’t know your password, he or she can’t use it to make a purchase on any site that participates in the program. It gives you a little extra peace of mind. Register your card.