About Us


Our Philosophy

Delaware First is a financial institution, but it’s not just any financial institution; it’s a credit union. Unlike banks, which are money-making ventures designed to benefit CEOs and stockholders, credit unions are designed to benefit the members they serve. The first credit unions were started by groups of individuals who wanted to give each other a better deal on savings and loans. That people helping people philosophy still reigns in credit unions today.
If you’re a member of a credit union, you’re also a part-owner. Your first savings account is called a share account because it secures that membership. In this role, you not only benefit directly when the credit union does well, you also have the opportunity to run for a volunteer position on the Board of Directors. You also enjoy personal service. You’re not just a number here!
Credit unions are also not for profit, which means we invest profits back into the credit union, instead of distributing them elsewhere. Thanks to this practice, we are able to offer lower rates and fewer fees than the bulk of our competitors.
Our Mission
Delaware First Federal Credit Union is dedicated to professional, reliable, and courteous service to our credit union members by providing innovative, quality products and service while remaining sound and economically competitive.

Our Governing Body

Just like most banks are regulated by the FDIC, credit unions are regulated by a federal government agency. This agency is known as the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). The NCUA insures deposits made to credit unions through the National Share Insurance Fund. No one has ever lost money entrusted to a credit union.