Money Market Account

Our money market account is for members who want a secure, no-risk investment with competitive dividend rates, plus the convenience of occasional withdrawals. This high-interest deposit account offers the flexibility you need to save for short-term financial goals without having to worry about excessive withdrawal penalties or deadlines.
You can earn a high yield in a safe, insured environment without being locked into a term. The more you invest, the higher your interest rate will be. Only a $1,000 minimum deposit is required, and dividends are compounded monthly on the total balance in the account. We’ll even give you free checks!

If you’d like to add to your balance, you can make additional deposits at any time, in person, by check or through payroll deduction. You can make up to six withdrawals per month, including three by check.
In order to help you earn the highest rate of return on your investment, a balance of $1,000 is required at all times. If you cannot maintain that balance, we may close the account and transfer the funds to your regular savings account.

*Deposits are insured to an aggregate $250,000 by the NCUA.