Share Certificates

Share certificates give you highly competitive rates in exchange for agreeing to leave your money on deposit for a term of your choosing. Delaware First FCU only requires a $500 minimum deposit to open a certificate. Once you open one, you’ll enjoy:
  • A dividend rate that’s guaranteed throughout the term
  • Maximum return with dividends compounded and posted monthly
  • Statements detailing your dividend earnings
  • The ability to use your funds as collateral for a loan

At the end of the certificate term, we’ll send you a maturity notice. You have a 10-day grace period in which you can select another term, add funds to your account, allow your certificate to renew automatically or transfer the money to another account.

In addition to our regular certificates, we also offer IRA certificates with the same rates and terms. The only difference is that you must roll over your balance at maturity or face a withdrawal penalty.

*Deposits are insured to an aggregate $250,000 by the NCUA.