Fees and Service Charges for All Accounts and Services:

Returned item fee (per item) $10.00
Account reconciliation (minimum fee $10) $10.00 /1/2 hr
Account history (per Page) $2.00
Copy Paid Draft/Check (per draft) $ 4.00
Statement copy fee (per page/printout) $ 2.00
Wire transfer fee (per transfer) – outgoing $15.00
Wire Transfer (incoming) from Mid-Atlantic No Fee
Wire Transfer (incoming) from Federal Reserve $50.00
Money order fee (per money order) $ 2.00
Stop payment request fee (per request) $ 20.00
Stop payment on Money Order (per item) $20.00
Stop payment on Lost Cashier's Check (per item) $20.00
Copy of cleared Money Order or Cashier's Check (per item) $5.00
Close Account (Open less than 90 days) $5.00
Telephone transfers via Credit Union Personnel (Per Transfer) $2.00
Visa or MasterCard Cash Advance (Non DFFCU Cards) (per advance) $2.00
American Express Traveler's check No Fee
American Express Traveler's checks for two signatures (per $100.00) $ 1.00
American Express Gift Cheque (per cheque) $2.50
Replacement ATM or Debit Card fee $5.00 first occurrence $20.00 each occurrence thereafter
Check Cashing Fee (Average Monthly Share Account Balance <$100 & no other credit union accounts)
$3.00 (per check)
Overdraft fee - includes ACH items (per item) $30.00
Business/organizational accounts overdraft transfer fee (per transfer) $ 5.00
Consumer account automatic overdraft transfer fee (per transfer) $ 2.00
Research services fee (no charge within 30 days of statements, $10 minimum charge) $ 10.00 / 1/2 hr
Holiday and Vacation Club early withdrawal fee (per withdrawal) $ 10.00
IRA transfer to another financial institution (Per Transfer) $50.00
Inactivity Fee (per month after 12 months without activity on accounts with balances under $100.00) $1.00 (per month)
Business/Organizational Checking Account monthly service charge (Non-Profit Organizational Accounts and Accounts maintaining an average balance >$1000 are exempt) $5.00
Return Statement Fee/Bad Address Fee $5.00/occurrence
Cashier Check Per Check $5.00
Legal Process Administration Fee - tax levies, garnishments, etc. (per occurrence) $50.00
Escheat Administration Fee (per account)
Subordination Agreement Processing $250 per request
All fees are effective as of May 3, 2013, and are subject to change without notice.